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Why Charity?

Charity is an essential element of a society to bring equality and sometimes work on an initiative to meet basic needs of humanity. In this modern world, only few individuals hold the majority of the world’s wealth which creates a lot of instability in the economic model. Due to this instability, the concept of economy itself proves to be inefficient.
Charity is something that eradicates such instabilities and helps humanity to atleast cover the basic necessities of humanity.

How do we create a successful Charity Model?

We at Food Milestone believe that taxes paid by individuals on their purchase or income are not sufficient to eradicate issues such as poverty and hunger. These taxes can only be helpful for the smooth running of the governments. Citizens cannot control how their tax funds should be utilized. This creates a massive need for charity to work on issues such as poverty and hunger.
We at FoodMilestone believe that charity is not something that is just taken care of once. We need a successful and strong model to fund these major issues such as poverty and hunger. At FoodMilestone, we consider hunger as a top priority for human survival. Therefore, we are trying to create a model that actually consistently supports hunger issues over the year.
Our aim is to dedicate a part of our profit to back hunger issues of the country.


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