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Understanding Bulk Discount with Food Milestone? | Corporate Gifts, Event Gifts, Wedding Gifts Etc

At FoodMilestone, we understand every use case. There may be situations when you are considering making a bulk purchase. Whether you have an event, gifting for some occasions, or corporate gifting, we have got you covered.

Bulk Purchases do come with some great discounts.

At FoodMilestone, we have come up with a model where Food Brands only allow us to provide free units with bulk purchase. This simply means brands come with offers such as

On Purchase of X number of items get additional Y units for free. In other words to give you an example, if you are making a purchase of 100 Kgs of almonds then the brand may give you an additional 5 Kg of almonds at no additional cost.

This model is accepted by most brands to protect their pricing of the products and to make sure that in order to consider bulk buying, the consumer may purchase the threshold units to avail of free additional units.

Do you offer Customization for Gifting Purposes? | Corporate Gifts, Event Gifts, Wedding Gifts Etc.,

Yeah absolutely, we offer customization of gift boxes. If you are considering customizing your wedding gifts, corporate gifting, or any other event-based gifting, we at FoodMilestone help you make that impact.

Gifting being the kind or inviting gesture is an important part of building great relationships.
When you are planning gifting for any special occasion, it is very close to your heart. Everyone wants to bring smiles and get that appreciation from their loved ones. Therefore, we create a great experience for your loved ones. From attractive gift packaging to consumables, we take care of every minute of detailing so that it brings an overall lasting impact.

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