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Who are Food Critics?

Like any other subscriber to our platform, Food Critics are members of our network with some superpowers. These superpowers include validating and giving a review of food products to different food brands.

Perks of being a Food Critics

As a Food Critics, you get various benefits including
1. Get Free Samples & Discounts
Our vast network of food brands offers discounts and free samples in exchange for genuine reviews. Brands consistently look for experts and professionals who can help them validate food products based on different parameters. As a Food Critic, you get the privilege to review these brands and opens up new opportunities for networking.

2. Get Sponsorships
There are food brands that often after the validation stage need some individuals, influencers, or food bloggers to give a shout-out to their new launches. Therefore, you can get the opportunity to kickstart your professional career as a food critic.

3. Get Recognized
We as a network of food brands, food experts, and foodies try to bring a platform to showcase the best talents, brands, and information. You may write articles for us to get that extra exposure on our platform. We also love to collaborate with experts to bring the best content and information to the world.

Eligibility Criteria of being a Food Critics in our platform

1. Register on our platform using this link.
2. Apply for being a Food Critics using the below form.

The basic norms to be selected includes (Any one)
1. You have a great social media influencer profile.
2. You are an expert or hold certification as a nutritionist or any other food, nutrition or health related certification.
3. Neither of the two above but you are great in finding, implementing or recommending a great food recipe.

Do you get product samples for free?

Yeah, you may get free samples if you are a food critic on our platform. But it generally depends on the food brands. Sometimes they just offer samples at discounts or sometimes they may give it to you for free. As per our observation, successful food brands start giving you free samples once they consider you as a great food critic for validation stages or they find that you are a great engagement magnet for their brand if they have already launched.

Responsibilities of a Food Critic

As a Food Critic, you hold a number of responsibilities including

1. Reviews: Reviews are a great responsibility for critics. The products you requested as a food critic, if you don’t review them within 30 days of delivery, you may be disqualified and removed from the food critic program. There may be exceptions due to unpredictable circumstances, in that case, you must mail the concerned department through email.

2. Engagement Responsibilities: Engagement is very important to be a successful critic. You may bring engagement to your reviews by posting them to your social media handles. Though it is not a requirement to have any preset amount of engagement from your social handles, some food brands do request us and track you for offering free samples.

How Sponsorships works or How do we get sponsorships for you?

After you apply for free samples (subjected to availability by food brands ) or discounted samples, we share feedback, reviews, and your information with the food brands. In case, they are running similar sponsorships, they will contact you.
Quick Brownie Points: Food Brands often ask us the reachability or expert level of the food critics, to consider sponsorship offers. So it is recommended to grow your social profiles or enhance your expertise with professional courses & certifications. You may also write some articles related to food products which may also be considered as a relevant pitch.

What if your application is not accepted for being a Food Critic on our platform?

Not getting accepted for the first time is not complete disapproval. We just want you to be more creative so you can successfully compete on our platform. Consistently be creative with food products and tag @foodmilestone in your posts on Instagram and Facebook. We consistently keep track of people connecting with us on these platforms. We will surely approach you sooner than you think.

Registration Form

In case you are not a Social Media Influencer "About You" Section will be used to determine your eligibility as a Food Critic


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